After more than a decade in production and an illustrious and extraordinary lifespan, the final example of the Mulsanne has been completed at Bentley’s home in Crewe.

Mulsanne’s distinguished lineage can be traced back to the original 8 Litre of 1930 – the last car designed and developed by W.O. Bentley himself, and the most luxurious, coach-built Bentley of its time.

Hand-built in Crewe using the finest materials, the Mulsanne is a prominent name in the luxury and automotive worlds. Over the last 11 years, more than 700 people have invested nearly three million hours hand-crafting more than 7,300 examples of Bentley’s ultra-luxury sedan. To give an indication of what has been involved in producing this exceptional vehicle, producing the bodies required approximately 42 million hand-riveted spot welds and creating the sumptuous leather interiors took more than one million hours.

As the ultimate expression of the Mulsanne, this year has seen the unique ‘6.75 Edition by Mulliner’ signify the end of Mulsanne’s glorious reign. Taking its name from the legendary 6.75-litre engine, which also came to the end of production this year, the ‘6.75 Edition’ is limited to only 30 examples. Unique details include bespoke organ stop ventilation controls inspired by the engine oil cap design and motif embroidery which is also recreated in chrome badging on the exterior and engine bay as well as projected by the LED welcome lamps. In a unique touch, the engine which is usually signed by the craftsman who built it is personally signed by Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive Adrian Hallmark.

Celebrating the Mulsanne’s exceptional legacy, Adrian said: “As the flagship of our model range for over a decade, the Mulsanne has firmly solidified its place in the history of Bentley as nothing less than a true icon. I am immensely proud of the hundreds of designers, engineers and craftspeople that brought the Mulsanne to life over the last ten years. Now, as we begin Bentley’s journey to define the future of sustainable luxury mobility through our Beyond100 strategy, the role of Bentley flagship is passed to the new Flying Spur.”

The very last new Mulsanne that Bentley Newcastle will ever supply, to find out more please speak to Matt Dalby on 0191295 8050.