Fixed Bentayga Sill Side Steps

The Bentayga fixed sill steps primarily aid the driver and passenger when entering and exiting the car, as well as helping users to access roof bars and accessories. Developed by the Bentley Styling Team in Crewe, they also add an aesthetic enhancement, complementing the exterior styling of the car.

A rubber tread featuring diamond quilting provides grip underfoot and each step runs along the full wheel-to-wheel length of the car. There are two versions of the steps available which have both been rigorously tested to ensure they meet Bentley standards.

The deployable sill steps were launched in 2016 and are activated when the car doors are opened. Once closed, the steps retract and are stored neatly under the car offering a convenient solution for owners.

The fixed sill steps are now available as an alternative offer, especially for those who regularly wish to use their car off road. Permanently secured to each side of the car, the steps offer a practical solution, designed to withstand all types of terrain. The fixed sill steps feature a carbon fibre insert.

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