Bentley Child Seats

A full range of approved Child Seats are available for all Bentley Models. From hardwearing black cloth, to luxurious leather and stitching of your choice, there is a child seat for all our youngest customers.


Our customers can be assured that their child will be transported safely while in their car. Each child seat has been approved for use in Bentley models, as well as being ECE approved.


The range consists of Groups 0+, 1 and 2 and 3 options and so there is a Bentley branded child seat for even our youngest customers. The Group 1 child seat is also ISOFIX, making them easy to fit while maximising safety. The group 2 and 3 seat can also be converted to a booster seat when required.


Black Cloth Child Seat

These ‘off the shelf’ child seats are available in Groups 0+,1, 2 and 3. The black cloth has a hard wearing cover, which can be easily cleaned. Each seat also features the Bentley wings embroidered into the backrest.


Personalised Child Seats

Each personalised child seat can be trimmed in your choice of hide and thread colour, whether that is to match or contrast the interior of their car or to match your child’s own design. Our customers can also choose to embroider their child’s name below the Bentley wings. These seats are available in Groups 1 and 2 and 3.


For more information, contact our Parts Team on 01912958050 or email